Users Access to beamlines

CELIA offers an outstanding opportunity for gathering expertises in laser development, strong Field and/or Ultra-High Intensity Physics, Inertial Fusion for Energy (IFE) and industrial applications of short pulses. CELIA is an active member of a National Laser Network LOA-LIDYL-CELIA and the European Large Lasers Network LASERLAB-EUROPE for providing access beamtime to his lasers and beamlines. National network is dedicated to labs and teams from France, LaserLab-EUROPE for worldwide labs and teams.

Lasers and beamlines

CELIA offers 3 lasers to the scientific community including Ti:saphirre ultrashort pulse technology (AURORE 1kHz, 25 fs, 20 W and ECLIPSE 10 Hz,150 mJ, 30fs) and new born Yb fiber high repetition rate technology (BLASTBEAT 50W, 166 kHz to 2MHz, 130 fs) . 6 beam lines driven by these lasers are available including HHG, Xrays, and UV pump-probe.

Laser typeTi:sapphireTi:sapphireYb:fiber
Central wavelength810 nm800 nm1030 nm
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)40 nm50 nm15 nm
Pulse duration30 fs25 fs130 fs
Repetition rate 10 Hz 1 kHz 166 kHz- 2 MHz
Max pulse energy 150 mJ 8 mJ 300 µJ
Max Peak power5 TW300 GW2 GW

Beamlines access

Access is provided on the basis of scientific excellence of the proposal, reviewed by a Selection Panel. A typical access project has a duration of 2 to 4 weeks. Access is free of charge. Applicants are encouraged to contact the facility directly to obtain additional information and assistance in preparing a proposal.

National Access

  • For labs and teams from France
  • One call a year -generally in december- for proposals covering a calendar year
  • Contact: dominique.descamps[at] / yann.mairesse[at]
  • Submit here .

Transnational Access

  • For worldwide labs and teams (outside France)
  • Applications for access are possible anytime
  • Free of charge including travel and accomodation
  • Contact: stephane.petit[at]
  • Submit here .